Calafuria, Quercianella, Calambrone: closer beaches to Livorno

Even though there is no a real beach town in Livorno, nearby the center there are some fine sandy beaches for sunbathing and swimming.
Antignano, Calafuria and Quercianella are located south of the city. These three resorts are very much appreciated in the summer season both for the proximity to the city, and therefore for the abundance of services present, as well as for their convenient access to the sea. In fact, there are some small gravel or pebble beaches, and some sandy beaches in the area of the three inhabited centers. Particularly in Quercianella, the most frequented resort, there are real bathing establishments and also a saltwater pool on the seashore perfect for children to play safely.
To reach Antignano, Calafuria and Quercianella you have to go on a wonderful panoramic road that runs along the rocky coastline overhanging the sea.
The beach of Calambrone is located north of Livorno and is closest to its harbor. This resort, which is part of Pisa’s territory, is perfect for families looking for the sea, sun and tranquility. Near the long sandy beach there is also a Mediterranean pine forest ideal as shelter for the hottest hours of the day. Not far away is the Natural Park of San Rossore, Migliarino and Massaciuccoli.

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