Livorno Hills

The mountains behind the city of Livorno originated more than 20 million years ago. Today, these reliefs are part of the Park of the Livorno Hills: they are often the destination for excursions and archaeological excavations. The territory is covered by the Mediterranean vegetation typical of the Tuscan countryside with forests of holm, oaks and elms populated by wild boars, foxes and other small animals. The Livorno Hills are crossed by a dense network of hiking trails, horseback riding paths and mountain biking. They are just a few kilometers from the city and are easily reachable by car.
In addition to being rich in natural resources and fascinating forest environments, the territory of the Livorno Hills features a remarkable collection of archaeological, historical and artistic testimonies.
Particularly interesting is the source of the Aqueduct of Colognole, which once supplied the city of Livorno with clean water. It was about 11 miles long and featured many stone arches the largest of which was called the “Devil”.
To visit is also the ancient Sambuca Hermitage dating to the Middle Ages, probably before the 14th century. The sacred complex still houses a church and a small cloister where some valuable works of art are kept.

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