Rocca della Verruca, an abandoned place full of charm


The Rocca della Verruca is an ancient fortification created by the Republic of Pisa on the Pisani Mountains to defend itself against the attacks of the Florentines. This place was the scene of many battles between the two factions and remained intact until 1503 year of the defeat of Pisa.

The Fortress was the core of the system of fortifications scattered over the surrounding territory, which communicated through banners, smoke, fires and sheets to warn of the danger.

From here you have a spectacular view of the Arno plain, from Livorno up to the coast.

Even if abandoned it can be visited and it is possible to reach it by car up until a point and then it is necessary to walk on a steep stone staircase that leads you to the entrance portal. A tiring route that will be rewarded by the view you will have from above.

The fortification is in stone, the walls are pentagonal based with four sighting towers at the corners. You enter the fortress and we are on the second floor, in fact on the ground, covered by grass and brambles, there are many openings that lead to the lower floors. You can visit the remains of the church that was inside and the north-east tower is still well preserved and accessible via a staircase.

Before leaving, enjoy the view from the surrounding mountains to the coast maybe during the sunset.

Photo: I, TaccolamatVerrucaLatoSudOvestCC BY-SA 2.5 IT

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