Tuttomondo, contemporary art in Pisa


In Pisa there is a hidden treasure of contemporary art. A large mural painted in 1989 is on the wall of the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate: Tuttomondo by Keith Hering.
Hering, one of the most famous exponents of pop art, created this work after being invited to Italy by a Pisan student met in New York. This is the only work of the artist designed to remain in time, to be preserved, one of his most important works according to Keith himself.
The work began,with the permission of the city council and of the parish priest who made available the outer wall of the rectory, he whitened the wall and created the black contours of the figures, without a preparatory scheme. In the following days he colored the figures helped by the students and by some artisans of the Caparol Center company who supplied the paints.
Through the colors and the vitality he painted the hope of a future of peace and harmony and this is what represents the 30 figures of which the work is composed.
Anthropomorphic animals represent the man who cares for nature, the red man with the arm that passes through itself reconnecting to the leg symbolizes the cycle of life, the Pisan cross is represented.
The motherhood represented by the woman with the child and the television used as a tool to expand the minds. All these symbols move and dance accompanied by the classic lines of the artist.
At the bottom is represented a yellow man walking, that is the viewer who devotes some moment of reflection to the work and then goes away.
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