Livorno’s Gastronomy

The city of Livorno is closely linked to the sea at a historical, cultural and social level. Traditional cuisine is equally strongly influenced by the sea, but also by the many different cultures that frequented Livorno and its port. Over the centuries the city has welcomed many fleeing populations, diplomatic representations throughout Europe, merchants from distant countries and different religions.
The main dishes of Livorno’s gastronomy are fresh fish, often accompanied by an abundant use of tomato. Typical examples are the baccalà or trulles alla livornese not to mention the famous “cacciucco”. The latter is the most famous recipe of the city and is now replicated throughout the Tuscan coast, but is well known even in the Tuscan hinterland.
Livorno’s gastronomy also includes meat and vegetables dishes. In this case the traditional recipes are those that share the entire Tuscan territory: chestnut cake, cecina (or chickpea cake), vegetable soup or bean soup.
However, the one of Livorno is a poor, simple cuisine, once reserved for the lower classes. Local fish and local fodder and seasonal vegetables are the main ingredients of every typical Livorno traditional recipe.

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