Livorno: Venezia Nuova district

The Venezia Nuova district of Livorno is the real city center. Although not within the perimeter of the medicean city, the district is considered by the population as the true soul of the city.
Its main feature are the long artificial channels built in the ‘700 that allow you to visit the neighborhood by boat. Delightful bridges cross the canals by connecting the two banks and making the area even more fascinating. The elegant buildings that rise on the banks of the canals have features wooden shutters and very striking colors. Once they hosted the merchant class of the city, which, as it is the case today, berthed its boats along the canals.
During the heavy bombings that Livorno suffered during World War II, the Venezia Nuova district was miraculously saved. Here are still numerous churches and other buildings of historical and artistic value. This is the case of the Church of Santa Caterina, the Church of San Ferdinando, the Palace of the Columns, the Palace of the Mount of Pietà and many others.
The best time to visit the district is during the annual “Effetto Venezia” festival, which takes place every summer between July and August. For the occasion, itinerant stalls and shows flock to the streets of the area.

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