The Terrazza Mascagni

On the seafront of Livorno there is a panoramic balcony overlooking the sea: the Terrazza Mascagni. Its characteristic black and white checkerboard pavement makes the terrace particularly impressive and well recognized by tourists as well. The two-tone tiles are over 34,000 and there are 4,000 columns supporting the balustrade that separates visitors from the sea.
The Terrazza Mascagni began to be built in the 1930s, according to the fashion of the time it was privileged an elegant and refined style. The outbreak of war interrupted the works and when these were resumed it was decided to expand the project by including another long stretch of coast. In those same years, the terrace was named after Livorno’s composer Pietro Mascagni.
Today this space is a gathering place for leisure and entertainment for the entire population of Livorno, it is well linked to the old town and the destination of numerous strolls. Especially in the summer it becomes a theater of events, concerts, and pyrotechnic shows that attract many people and tourists on the waterfront.
The terrace is particularly loved at sunset when the sun dives into the blue waters of the sea giving wonderful light reflections.
Hotel Città is just a few minutes away from the Terrazza Mascagni, it is easy to reach by foot, by public transport and by car.

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