Sanctuary of Montenero

The Sanctuary of Montenero is located on the top of the homonymous hill located a short distance from the sea and the port of Livorno. At the origin of its construction there is the legend of a cripple shepherd who found an image of the Madonna at the foot of the hill was driven by a vision to carry it to the top. It is said that the shepherd came to the summit completely cured of his illness.
The legend dates back to the 14th century and soon spread throughout Italy. Already at the end of the century, the Sanctuary of Madonna di Montenero became a pilgrimage destination.
The sanctuary consists of several buildings, gathered around a central square, and some caves.
The present church dates back to the 17th century, and was built according to fashion in the Baroque style, very elegant and evocative. On the higher altar lies the table painting of the legend. The table, dating back to 1341, represents the Madonna with the Child Jesus in her arms.
The aisles of the church are also decorated with other remarkable works of art including frescoes, canvases and sacred sculptures. The most pleasant, fast and safe way to reach the sanctuary is through the cableway which is just 20 minutes from the Hotel Città. The cableway allows you to admire the wonderful panorama of the port of Livorno and the sea in front of the city.

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